Between May 2007 and December 2009 I worked on several stop-motion animation music videos. I consulted, collaborated, animated, assisted, photographed, and co-stared as a live-animated character. I gained experience working in extreme weather conditions —filming in flooded streets after a heavy rain fall, in the sweltering humid-heat of late spring, and during a live snow storm in the countryside.

I executed character and costume design, set and prop design, puppet construction, animation rigging, location scouting, and pre-production research. My design work as a special effects make-up artist is also predominantly featured. (See photos below.) I animated for select sequences and assisted with cinematography as a camera operator, grip, and rigger. I designed cinematic shots and executed practical lighting effects. I also shot documentary photos.

For a full list of production roles and sequences executed on specific videos - please contact me directly.

Two Headed Man and I taking a quick break from
animating before moving onto a new sequence and location.
(Photo by T. S.)

Documentary Shots

Photos by S.Segal
Masks devoid of depth & facial tone - before my make-up application.

A close-up of the latex masks after makeup application.
The paint held in up well in the damp conditions.