Factory Worker, Mirror Mirror, 11:11, Bypass, Stretch, Ghost and An Evening at Nossy's (Ep. I-V)
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Track: Jazz Theme #1
CD: Twilight Zone 40th Anniversary Soundtrack

Break-out single "Factory Worker" from Black Ferns, Indie Dream-Pop band from Seattle, WA.
A haunting figure conjured by the inner psyche unleashes an acid-like collage of watery emotions and buried memories.

Imagine Mike Myers from Halloween & "It" from Stephen King's classic horror film combined in one music video.
Four musicians on their way to a late night band meeting are subjected to strange phantasmic forces that propel them on a late night
supernatural journey. It’s the strangest night they have ever encountered, one they will never forget.

Male and female archetypes are drawn together by a magnetizing moon. Through the subtle powers of nature they surrender
to their primal instincts to become the hunter and the hunted.

An old stage actor mysteriously inherits a strange bundle. Little does he know his life of habitual routines, vices,
and the occasional nightmare are to become altered for good.

I grew up watching Sid and Marty Krofft live-action cartoons as a kid. One of my favorites was Lidsville. I developed a love for darker fairy-tale characters.
This is a surrealist take on my childhood.
At 11:11 p.m. a young girl is visited by whimsical creatures and taken on a fantastic journey in search of buried treasure. With the aid of a magical fairy
and her animal spirit guardians she will battle an evil villain, overcome his powers and be crowned queen of the dreamworld.

A self-projected antagonist appears in a nightmare as a menacing trickster acting out mental delusions, dualistic emotions and spiritual dilemmas
in classic vaudevillian-like fashion. Is it really the presence of a phantom spirit conjured by the protagonist or is it just his imagination?


This is the black and white edited version of all the episodes. It seems it was always supposed to be in black and white.

This is the original color version of all the episodes. Fun saturated colors to sink your teeth into.

It's Halloween night for our timeless contemporary bachelor Nosferatu. Nossy's evening of self-indulgence with his favorite horror flicks, fast-food and
aged tonics is about to be interrupted by a saucy neighbor, trick-or-treaters, an ancient curse still on the loose, and an old party mooch from his past.

I am Not an Animal (Ep. I)
Spiders (Ep. II)
I Need Your Blood (Ep. III)
Ice Cream (Ep. IV)
My Good Man (Ep. V)


DREAM BIG is a commercial spot I created for a marketing campaign competition sponsored by Mission Federal Credit Union in May 2010.
This new storyline was created by clips from my award winning fantasy music video "11:11".
With a few edits and the addition of an original scripted voice over.
It’s now a financial sector advertisement with a magical message.
FILM RECOGNITION: "Honorable Mention" MY MISSION : MY VIDEO Film Contest 2010 - Mission Federal Credit Union
LOG LINE: A young girl dreams of a fairy-tale landscape. Aided by whimsical beings she searches for buried treasure
and successfully unearths her bounty. She is celebrated for her efforts and crowned Queen of the magical world she created.

TAGLINE: “After all, the best dreams that come true are ones that inspire you to reach for your goals by Dreaming Big.”
VO & SCRIPT: Sophia Segal
* See music video for cast and crew credits