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Otherworld is a copyrighted IP © with registered trademarks ® Character Designs by Sophia Segal & Illustrations by Tom Price © 2015 - Except "Shadow Man" Design & Illustration by Nicols © 2009 - Nicols please contact me—been looking for your contact info to reach you! Poster Layout by Sophia Segal & Lance Baker © 2017

GENRE: Fantasy (Action) Thriller
SUB GENRES: Scifi and Supernatural Horror
SERIES TAG LINE: “Otherworld is just one world away” ®

Series log-lines, episode synopsis, show premise, copyrighted character designs, and more are contained within the Otherworld Show Bible and screenplay treatment.

Episode I log-line
In the eerie silence of the suburb, Alethea, an unemployed artist with latent psychic abilities wakes from a nightmare to a surprise visit from Otherworld Guardians. Across town, Julian, a rogue agent with similar gifts seeks a toll bridge leading to a hidden passage known as The Gateway. Steered by supernatural forces, synchronistic events, and surprise help from adversaries and unexpected allies, two strangers on the same harrowing mission collide, not only as intrinsic counterparts but as summoned initiates of Otherworld.

Otherworld is an experiential rite of passage visually and emotionally. It is the seam between worlds where the young adult mind is initiated and the mature mind is reawakened.

“Otherworld - The Gateway” was originally drafted as a short film many years ago. Since inception, the script has amassed into a full-length screenplay (accompanied by supporting documents; treatments, detailed show bible, and production look-books.

Otherworld was conceived in 1998 when I published my first musical project under the band name MEDIUM. The debut experimental rock (opera) CD was titled
Otherworld. On January 13th, 1999 I was hit by a car in a crosswalk in Seattle, WA. The event (near death experience ) was a dramatic turning point in my life. I immediately began scribing my physical healing process and my internal awakening process. After years of dedicated healing and a move back to Southern California, I followed up with a vocal demo titled “Lepers of Wisdom” which contains connective roots to the psychic terrain and visual landscape of Otherworld. The filmmaking vision for Otherworld has been many years in the making. “Otherworld - The Gateway” and “Otherworld - The Journey Begins” are the first two episodes of the series. There's nothing stopping my original IP from morphing into a new film franchise as well. I invite that future possibility alongside other entertaining visions.

Otherworld has far-reaching (ROI) potential. My innovative concept can penetrate multiple revenue streams through cross-platform entertainment which include; original television series, feature film franchise, animated features, video games, mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality experiences, theme park adventures, graphic novels, comic books, toys, apparel, and general product licensing and merchandising.

I was invited to join The Black List on April, 3rd, 2013. The industry website hosts my screenwriting endeavors. The webpage for "Otherworld - The Gateway" is in (virtual) suspension while seeking representation.

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