Lepers of Wisdom is my latest vocal demo to date, following my vocal debut on Otherworld. Carefully chosen compositions serve as supportive musical backdrops/sound-scapes to my vocal dubs. The tracks are from some of my favorite film scores and obscure composers. I was attracted to alluring compositions by The Dust Brothers on the "Fight Club" soundtrack and John Powell's pulsing compositions for "The Bourne Identity." Also, Graham Reynolds seductive score for "A Scanner Darkly" and the haunting sound-stylings of Bay Area composer Molasses on "Conversations with My Sanity."

Most of the songs on "LOW" were written when recovering from a car accident in Seattle, WA. "It happened one rainy night…" as the famous lead-in text goes, a memorable near-death experience in a crosswalk that changed the course of my life."

While healing, I was haunted by several musical tracks. You can say the tracks chose me. The soundscapes called out, and the lyrics came to me very quickly. When I relocated back to Los Angeles in the early 2000s an opportunity to record arrived. I included two new songs as well, "Dangerous Curves" and "Stretch." Both songs were written just days before recording. The songs explore ecstatic emotions, lucid dreams, psychic visions, and supernatural terrains.

I'm currently prepping material for a new voice-over and vocalist reel. I look forward to forging new musical collaborations. Over the last several years, I've been busy directing film shorts and music videos. I've also been writing original IPs and screenplays for feature films and episodic television serials. All the prep behind the scenes (musically and creatively) is leading towards future projects, several now in development. Patience and timing is everything!

I'm a proud member (publisher/author) of
ASCAP. The Harry Fox Agency in New York City handles all rights management and mechanical administration.


** Lepers of Wisdom - Vocal Demo CD is not for public sale. "LOW" CD is intended for industry marketing and promotional use only. Contents of "LOW" CD are copyrighted and remain sole property of all featured artists, publishers and music labels contained there in. All legal copyrights have been credited on "LOW" CD (hard copy). Illegal sales of "Lepers of Wisdom" is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. All copyrighted music contained on CD that is requested for licensing must be licensed and cleared directly through artist, publisher, management and/or music label. Sophia Segal's vocal performance and song lyrics are copyrighted by ASCAP Super Marionette, administered and monitored by The Harry Fox Agency.

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Hard Rock & Metal listeners have compared MEDIUM to a musical mix of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Danzig, Black Sabbath, early Soundgarden and a dose of Sonic Youth... and the vocals to Lisa Gerrard (4-AD), Patti Smith, Grace Slick and Siouxsie Sioux.

A delicate musical balance of Frankenstein-like proportions; oversized, awkward beauty that's hauntingly seductive and eerily romantic, mortally tragic yet very awakened, vivid, and alive. If Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) had an Ipod in the late 1700s she would've been listening to MEDIUM for inspiration.

Cabaret/rock-opera vocals, minimalistic, cut-up, inverted melodies, outbursts of raw emotionalism that border on mystical incantation, gothic romanticism, and avant-garde dramatics.

Otherworld first conceived in 1998 when I publishing my first musical project under the band name MEDIUM.


“Grace Slicks meets 4AD and Bela Lugosi in a cave kicking and screaming.
~ The Rocket, Seattle, WA

"...Much like Perfect Circle/Tool music crossed with ol' Dick Tracy Times (30's-40's)..."
"I have recently played a couple of your tunes, Red Door and Mirror Mirror. They have caused an instant rush of compliments so I decided to let ya know of the great turn out that I have had with your music! I am very Impressed with the sound mixture! It has a new feel to it Much like Perfect Circle/Tool music crossed with ol' Dick Tracy Times (30's-40's) Lounge Music!!
Reviewer: Shane Glass from The Shane Show - Montana's Z600 The Edge
Medium = "...Hammer Horror Movie with narrator Peter Cushing,Tool, Lisa Gerrard..."
"MEDIUM, the working title of enigmatic Seattle vocalist Sophia, are the musical equivalent of a Hammer horror movie with Peter Cushing as the menacing narrator of the unfortunate events surrounding the mental disintergration of a young woman. Combines the 4AD-ish vocal hoo-doo of Lisa Gerrard with Tool's way heavy nihilism; then somehow drags Grace Slick in the Cave kicking and screaming. I kinda like it."
Reviewer: The Rocket (15th Annual Massive Tapes Review 2000)
"When I heard "Mirror Mirror" I was blown away..."
NEAR FM 101.6 - S.O.S. Radio Show (Dublin, Ireland)
"When I heard Mirror Mirror I was blown away and as I said I can't stop playing it it really is that good.I am trying to give access to all alternative networks and SOS gives you all the support i can.I hope you can listen in sometime.Keep up the good work..."
Reviewer: George - S.O.S. Show Producer & D.J.
"The rage expressed is rage felt deep down!"
"So much angst felt music is so much put-on for appearances sake rage and anger. Medium sounds real, because she is for real. That authenticity makes all the songs worth listening to."
Reviewer: Chris Knab (FourFront Media & Music)